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How we got home from South Africa. (Not particularly interesting; just an update for folks who've been listening for the past two weeks and were wondering what happened to us.)

Returning tomorrow with a clear and rested head, for all new daily episodes.

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2 comments on “Homecoming: PYP 393

  1. Val Linnemann says:

    SOOO glad you and your lovely family are back home. Your daily podcasts from South Africa have been stunning in their thoughtfulness and honesty and wisdom. You often asked if they were helpful and the answer is a resounding YES – (with a capital everything). Thanks so much, Howard, for putting your logical braincells to use for others. Wishing your family a healing time of rest and recuperation after your ‘adventure’.
    Val Ferg (AKA: Linnemann rhymes with cinnamon)

    1. Howard says:

      Thanks for the kind feedback, Val! 🙂

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