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The Oatmeal Project: Minimum Effort, Maximum Results

Changing the way you eat can be overwhelming.

It's like organizing a very messy house. You look around and have no idea where to start. The closet that you're afraid of opening because all the boxes will fall out? The drawer with scissors, string, push pins, expired credit cards, and unpaid bills? The garage?

Faced with this overwhelm, most of us freeze up and do nothing.

But if you just tackle one thing, like that drawer, or the stack of dirty dishes and utensils in the sink, or your socks, then you can establish a “beach head” from which to attack the next area.

It's the same thing with dietary improvement. If you overhaul your pantry overnight, get a bunch of whole food, plant-based cookbooks, and hope to do a food 180 while still living your regular life, good luck!

But I wouldn't bet on your long-term, sustainable success.

Keep it simple

Instead, focus all your effort on one small area. Establish a tiny beach head of dietary excellence.

Start with one meal. The meal over which you have the most control. For most of us, that meal is breakfast.

It's time to institute a healthy breakfast habit. That's it. We're not going to worry about lunch or snacks or dinner or eating out or anything else. Just breakfast.

And we're going to pick one specific dish as the foundation: oatmeal.

(If you're avoiding gluten – like seriously avoiding it, then this isn't for you. You'll have to wait for the Smoothie Project.)

I've just created the first in a series of “Wee Step” reports. This one's called The Oatmeal Project, and it's a blueprint for transforming your breakfast into a daily nutritional powerhouse.

It's available for download right now. Complete the simple form below to grab it while it's hot!

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3 comments on “The Oatmeal Project: Minimum Effort, Maximum Results

  1. Cate Rolls says:

    Thanks Howard I have been enjoying your podcast for the last month or so and have been waiting till I caught up on all the episodes to get around to becoming a patron which I have just done. I hope my little bit helps. For some reason I can’t get the first 170 or so episodes on my iphone which is annoying as I believe the first episodes will probably be the ones with useful tips for getting started. I have been about 98% whole food plant based for about 3 months now 🙂 Cate

    1. Howard says:

      Hi Cate,

      Thanks for your kind words, and your patronage!

      Unfortunately, I believe that iTunes can grab only the last 50 podcasts. You may have to download and listen from the website itself. But before you go to any trouble, let me reach out to my podcasting community and see if they have any wisdom on the topic.

      And congrats on the three months! I’m curious – what changes have you noticed? In fact, I thinking that a bunch of “first 3 months” interviews might make a really valuable episode. What do you think? Would that have helped you starting out?

      1. Cate Rolls says:

        Hi Howard,
        I just stumbled on your reply trying once again to get the oatmeal project. I haven’t received it for some reason.
        The first and biggest change I noticed I’m embarrassed to say was my bowel movements ?
        After that I noticed I have much more energy and never have that over full lethargic feeling.
        I also am thinking much more about animal welfare and the environment now that I M plant based.
        Since making the change my husband and one daughter also mostly eat plant based and another daughter is vegetarian. Still working on my sons!!
        A first 3 months episode would be really helpful I think.
        I’ll try to listen to the first episodes on the website because I’ve caught up now and hate waiting for the next one.
        Keep up the great work Howard.

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