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Get with the Podcast

The Plant Yourself! Podcast provides inspiration, guidance, and support for folks trying to live in harmony with the natural world.

It features weekly interviews with some of the most inspiring, brilliant, and kind people on the planet.

I totally do it to have a reason to call them up and get to know them on a personal level.

And you get to listen in.

The podcast is totally free. No advertising, no selling, no catches. Just a plant-based labor of love 🙂

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Thanks, and be well!



2 comments on “Get with the Podcast

  1. Jon says:

    Very disappointed that your podcast has become political. Not everyone that has chosen to become plant based and live a cleaner and more environmentally friendly lifestyle subscribes to the political philosophy of some of your recent guests.

    1. Howard says:

      Thanks for writing, Jon. I’m curious – what political philosophy in particular are you referring to?

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