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Ellen Jaffe JonesEllen Jaffe Jones is an Emmy-winning investigative reporter, a crack financial analyst, a chef and cookbook author, and a multiple-event running champion.

During this rollicking interview with Howard Jacobson, she explains how she went from being a part of “the world's most unhealthy family” to a healthy eater. (And how she escaped the “inevitable” health consequences that the rest of her family has suffered.)

She talks about the economics of eating healthy, and how she put her financial skills to good use to prove that a plant-based diet can be cheaper – both in the short- and long-term) than a diet full of animal and processed foods.

And she shares insights from her latest book – Kitchen Divided – about how plant-based eaters can share living quarters with omnivores without compromising their ideals or committing murder (maybe that's the same thing ;).

You can watch our interview here:

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