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Dave SimonDave Simon's Meatonomics is a fascinating and terrifying descent into economic, social, political, environmental, and ethical insanity.

In this conversation, we cover:

  • The insidious power of a little-known government policy that taxes the people to pay for the marketing of animal-based foods
  • Why you never hear the words “swine flu” anymore
  • The schizophrenic USDA secret motto: “Avoid unhealthy food, but please buy more of it”
  • The turning tide against “ag-gag” laws (and why it's such an important fight)
  • Why an obscure economic term (“externalities”) explain why meat, egg, and dairy producers can get rich selling products at a significant loss
  • The scandalous world of agricultural subsidies (and why most farmers hate them)
  • Three simple and common-sense solutions

You can get more from Dave from his chock-full-o-goodness website,

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