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alissa-bilfield  adam-aronovitzAlissa Bilfield and Adam Aronovitz are co-founders of The Cookbook Project, an amazingly inspiring, effective, and elegant not-for-profit dedicated to the fine mostly-lost art of home cooking.

With projects in 35 US states and over 20 countries around the world, Alissa and Adam are empowering communities to reclaim their culinary roots and break free from the industrial food system that creates disease, dependence, and displacement.

In this inspiring conversation, we cover:

  • how Adam discovered the link between Western junk diets and failure to thrive in school
  • why Alissa sees food as an environmental sustainability problem just as significant as fossil fuel consumption
  • how a couple of young activists started a global non-profit on a shoestring budget
  • why so many traditional cuisines have been abandoned in favor of KFC culture, and how to turn that around globally
  • the importance of working with and through “key informants” in each community
  • several surprising benefits of learning how to cook (and a few obvious ones)
  • how “The Problem is the Solution” thinking can turn a whole generation of at-risk urban youth into the regenerative engines of their communities
  • the importance of “small wins” for long-term behavior change
  • the link between an honored traditional food culture and empowered women
  • the Catch-22 of food deserts, and what's really the stumbling block to improving inner city diets
  • the strategy of “Sunday Plans” that can help anyone eat better on a tight time budget
  • and much more…

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And if you're inspired to get involved, clicked the link below to find out more.



2 comments on “PYP 065: Alissa Bilfield and Adam Aronovitz on The Cookbook Project, Starting a Big-Hearted Non-Profit on a Tiny-Ass Budget, and the Problem as the Solution

  1. Judi Bilfield Baldwin says:

    Extremely enlightening, very educational, and important information! You both have so much to offer through The Cookbook Project!

  2. Judi Bilfield Baldwin says:

    The questions were very relevant and revealing, bringing forth invaluable information.

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