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Rabbi_OrensteinDebra Orenstein is an author, lecturer, and actor. Her many accomplishments are catalogued on her bio page at Congregation Bnai Israel in Emerson, New Jersey, where she serves as pulpit rabbi.

Plus, a wise and compassionate and hilarious human being.

Plus plus, the sister of my best friend whom I met in 1977 at summer camp.

Plus plus plus, a thoughtful and inspiring teacher of one of life's most powerful emotional choices: gratitude.

This call from the archives – originally broadcast in March, 2013 for my marketing audience – is one of my all-time favorite interviews.

Since it's been a while, I don't have the bullet points top of mind. So let's try a little crowdsourcing – as you listen, jot down ideas and stories that you find compelling in comments, and I'll collate them into a description of the interview.

Enjoy, add your voice to the conversation via the comment box below, and please share – that's how we spread our roots and spread the message.

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