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queenie-mooreI met Queenetta (Queenie) Moore at her booth at the Raleigh VegFest, where she was promoting a “21 Day to Plant-Based” Challenge: Soul Food edition.

Her outreach to the Black community fascinated me as a marketer, and I wanted to explore the differences between her approach and what I'm used to in the suburban white world. When we got talking, however, it turned out that there were dozens of fascinating things about Queenie and her work and her take on life.

I think you'll really enjoy this honest and uplifting conversation. We covered:

  • How a line from What to Expect When You're Expecting changed everything for Queenie
  • her 7th Day Adventist upbringing
  • her surprising story of thriving – for a while – on a high-protein paleo diet, and why she became ready to move on
  • how bodybuilders age
  • the amazing effects of juice fasting on her hair and complexion, after suffering from adult-onset acne
  • the books that convinced Queenie to go plant-based
  • the challenge of changing her lifestyle and advice in front of her fitness clients
  • obstacles to fitness and healthy eating in the Black community
  • how to fail at marketing plant-based eating to Black women
  • how to combat “health fatalism” in an unhealthy community
  • the importance of community support in making lifestyle changes
  • and much more…

Enjoy, add your voice to the conversation via the comment box below, and please share – that's how we spread our message and spread our roots.


Queenie's 21 Day to Plant-Based website

Skinny Bitch

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead – DVD on amazon (also available streaming on NetFlix)


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7 comments on “PYP 128: Queenie Moore on Being Black, Plant-Based, Fit, and Curvy

  1. Sharon says:

    This is one of the best and one of the most informative podcast that I look forward to listening to every week. However, I found the interview with Queenie Moore a little irritating. She refuses to remove the blinders she still has on about animal welfare and climate change. For someone who has a following like she was referring to, this only encourages those followers to keep their blinders on, as well.

    I enjoy hearing about your garden, your family and what you are doing personally to further the cause of keeping this planet healthy. Thank you for all your time and hard work to present this podcast every week.

    1. Howard says:

      Hi Sharon. Thanks for your comment. That wasn’t my experience of Queenie – I got a strong sense of someone on their journey, leading with the heart, and open to whatever may come next.

    2. Hi Sharon!

      I think what is beautiful about Veganism is that it is a journey of unveiling and uncovering. Though I am fully aware of the effects of the Standard American Diet on animal welfare and climate change, I choose to focus on healing the individual from the inside out. Once they experience the healing effects of a plant-based diet, change and growth is inevitable. As we become kinder to ourselves, we become kinder to others and therefore not only promoting a healthier life, but a safer, kinder environment for animals and humans alike.

      My focus will always remain true to my Southern roots and my Community. The success of growing my following and changing so many lives by way of diet has proven that is the correct approach for me. Each one of us is given a life purpose to fulfill and an audience that relates to us. I’m sure you will continue to inspire others through the voice God has given you as I will continue to do the same.

      Thank you Howie! I appreciate your support!

      1. Howard says:

        Queenie, what a graceful, generous, and loving response! Thanks for sharing the wider context of your perspective with my audience.

  2. Thank You says:

    Thank You

  3. mani says:

    Technical comment : Audio volume is un even and low. For example at minute 50 I had to crank up the volume on the clip and my pc way up and I still could not hear the interviewer.

    1. Howard says:

      I apologize for that. I’ve since upgraded both my equipment and my ability to drive it.

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