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marc-schoenTrue confession: I usually multitask while I eat, despite telling other people not to. I read, I Facebook, I talk on the phone, I create presentations, and so on. I rationalize it very well: I'm busy, I can still chew slowly (note to self: “BS!”), and this is the last time.

And luckily, I tell myself, it's no big deal.

Marc Schoen, PhD, assistant clinical professor at UCLA's Geffen School of Medicine, disagrees. And after reading his absolutely amazingly important and helpful book, Your Survival Instinct is Killing You, he's convinced me.

A pioneer in mind-body medicine (he researched and developed an “innocuous” breathing technique because he wasn't allowed to bring hypnosis into the hospital when he started practicing in the 1980s), Dr Schoen has spent his life exploring stress, pressure, performance, and maladaptive habits.

And what he's shared in his book, and with me in today's podcast interview, is really important.

Because it shows what we're missing when we rely solely on cognitive or environmental approaches to changing our bad habits.

Essentially, he argues, we have become victims of our own survival instincts – the “fight or flight” response that allowed our ancestors to become instantly aroused by danger and respond to it effectively – combined with a modern lifestyle in which even the possibility of discomfort is interpreted as an enemy spear slicing through the air in our direction.

In other words, good luck talking sense to your overeating self when it interprets hunger as an immediate threat to existence. You can keep all this stuff out of your pantry, but when the alarms go off and your life is about to end, you'll do just about anything to get a hit of donut or pizza or burger.

The short answer is to become comfortable with discomfort. That's why, in my experience, the people who shift to a healthy plant-based diet and stick with it for years are the same people who take up ultra-running or CrossFit or start a business or put themselves in the face of ever increasing challenge and discomfort.

It's not just the calories you burn training for a 50k. It's the tolerance for discomfort that you cultivate that will allow you to resist temptation when you can't avoid it.

And that's why my multitasking during meals is so dangerous. Every time I do it, I'm reinforcing the fact that I can't even handle the discomfort of being understimulated. And that's why I'm never ever going to do it again!

In our conversation, we covered:

  • the definition and function of the survival instinct
  • the “COZY paradox” (the more comfortable we try to make ourselves, the worse we feel)
  • how discomfort triggers the survival instinct, and why modern life is such a mismatch to our hard wiring
  • why cognitive approaches to behavior change often can't take us the last mile
  • the function of “benign masochism”
  • the tyranny of the microwave – how it all began
  • the rainbow metaphor of fear
  • the power of being vulnerable in relationship
  • the fascinating function of the insular cortex of the brain
  • why the “shhh” sound is so calming
  • a short and simple breathing technique that can de-stress us in 45 seconds
  • and much more…

Enjoy, add your voice to the conversation via the comment box below, and please share – that's how we spread our message and spread our roots.


Your Survival Instinct is Killing You, by Marc Schoen, PhD

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