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sid-mattMatt Frazier and Sid Garza-Hillman have teamed up to produce plant-based meal plans that are designed to get us to the point where we no longer need meal plans.

There’s a lot to unpack in that goal:

  • getting from dependence to independence
  • figuring out the steps to get us there
  • designing a community to support all the members
  • and much more…

I interviewed Matt, the No Meat Athlete, a couple of years ago. I remember that call well because I was using my cell phone, getting awful reception, but really enjoying the walk around my front yard while getting to know Matt.

Sid, I just found out about through his collaboration with Matt. As soon as I checked out his resume and podcast, I realized that not being familiar with his work put me in the “living under a rock” category in the plant-based world. He’s a true rockstar of knowledge and experience.

I signed up for their meal-plan service, not so much for myself (give me a plan and I guarantee I will do the opposite), but to learn from them and to evaluate their service for my students and clients.

And the thought, design, and philosophy that runs through their offering was truly impressive. So I decided to get them on the horn (isn’t that more poetic than “we Skyped”?) to find out what they were thinking.

In our conversation, we covered:

  • Sid’s diet-led recovery from asthma
  • not being successful as a nutritionist, and what it taught him
  • why “Biggest Losers” inevitably gain the weight back
  • why people want meal plans (I thought of one reason, but was surprised to hear the second)
  • meal plans vs decision fatigue and conscious incompetence
  • habit change: willpower taxation vs repetition
  • “sleep in your running clothes”
  • the wrong way to go about habit change: “take on too much and burn out too fast”
  • lions don’t have to decide between Italian and Mexican food
  • the curse of the perfectionist mindset
  • dramatic change as a trailing indicator of internal transformation
  • how militancy in diet standards contributes to stress, not health
  • the difference between an “Earthlings” vegan and a “Forks Over Knives” plant-based eater
  • clarity: the missing ingredient in motivation
  • Matt’s stages of dietary change – slow and deliberate and tentative
  • moderation, license to sin, and appropriate boundaries
  • Sid’s focus on Natural: “We’re animals dressed up as people”
  • Life extension hacks vs simple lifestyle changes
  • the debate about caloric restriction
  • the key question for changers: “What am I able to take on right now?”
  • Sid’s 12-banana smoothies and the debate over dietary purity
  • the other key question for changers: “Does it make me happy?”
  • and much more…

Enjoy, add your voice to the conversation via the comment box below, and please share – that's how we spread our message and spread our roots.


Matt and Sid's Meal Plan Community

No Meat Athlete on amazon

Sid Garza-Hillman's website (including his podcast)

Approaching the Natural on amazon

Lindsay Nixon's blog post about caloric restriction

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    What a great stories, love podcasts like these.

    Thank You for another informative podcast; keep them coming.

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