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olivia-kelly Olivia Kelly is CEO of WellStart Health, a startup wellness company whose foundation is a plant-centered diet. Armed with a “why not me?” attitude, a background in fitness and health, and a dream, Olivia co-founded WellStart Health to change the game in corporate wellness and healthcare.

It's a big task, given that there's roughly $3 trillion spent every year on healthcare in the US, and precious little of that is being spent productively.

Olivia and I talked about her journey and her background, and how she leveraged her skills and experiences to design and grow a health promotion program that works for people.

In our conversation, we covered :

  • the founding of WellStart Health
  • the elements of a successful health behavior change intensive
  • how to use technology to engage and motivate people
  • the necessity of a foundation of plant-based eating
  • the importance (and difficulty in making time for) self-care
  • Olivia's background as a fitness trainer, surfer, stock trader, political consultant, and world traveler
  • teaching plant-based eating through daily goals
  • how to use text messages to keep participants on track
  • the value of light competition
  • the biggest behavioral challenges and stumbling blocks experienced by participants
  • the crucial component of social support
  • an invitation to skeptics to “suspend disbelief” and try it for a few weeks
  • creating a potentially lucrative business model – and what that's so important
  • how to use biometrics to assess progress and estimate ROI
  • the Rand Corporation study on the ROI of wellness programs (spoiler: it ain't good)
  • the problem of low expectations of patients by clinicians, and the unfortunate popularity of the DASH diet
  • eating a bad diet today is like smoking 20 years ago – and the doctors are mostly doing it
  • the upcoming zero-cost pilot for California residents – email to apply, or let your friends know about it

Enjoy, add your voice to the conversation via the comment box below, and please share – that's how we spread our message and spread our roots.


The Rand Corporate Wellness Study

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