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Clint Paddison was pursuing a career as a stand-up comedian in Australia when he was struck with a debilitating case of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). A former athlete and science all-star, Clint found himself almost unable to work, to move, to enjoy life. He discouraged his girlfriend from marrying him because he didn't want to ruin her life. (Spoiler: that's her in the photo :).

At first, Clint followed the doctors' advice, and embarked on an aggressive pharmaceutical protocol that was almost as bad as the disease. Pain, disability, misery, and early death seemed the only path forward. Then, one day, he discovered a secret delivered via a poisoned cherry: fasting, induced by food poisoning, profoundly relieved his symptoms.

Intrigued, Clint fired up his science brain and began searching for answers. He discovered a world of evidence, not taught in medical school, that diet and lifestyle can manage, stall, and even reverse severe cases of RA. He made it his mission to first heal himself, and then share what he had learned with the world.

Now Clint runs the Paddison Program, an online training course dedicated to helping RA sufferers everywhere reverse their disease and lead happy, healthy, vibrant, fulfilled lives.

Clint is not only wise and energetic and compassionate, but he's also funny as hell. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I have. We covered:

  • our irrational calculus of risk and danger – are you more frightened of the box jellyfish or a cheeseburger?
  • diet and exercise are not sexy
  • getting struck by RA and living with unrelenting pain
  • “you'll never have kids”
  • going down the pharmaceutical route
  • “Nobody gets better”
  • putting comedy – and life – on hold
  • “you can't debate the story”
  • the big breakthrough: food poisoning from unwashed cherries
  • eliminating symptoms through fasting
  • the gift of Bikram yoga
  • returning to his science roots
  • the BLAAME for RA:
    • bacterial overgrowth
    • leaky gut
    • acidosis
    • acid deficiency in stomach
    • mucosal lining depletion
    • enzyme deficiency
  • the dangers of NSAIDS
  • how to avoid victim mentality – “treat the whole thing as a project”
  • Clint's diet and lifestyle prescriptions
  • the link between lifestyle and other autoimmune diseases
  • and much more…

Enjoy, add your voice to the conversation via the comment box or audio recording box below, and please share – that's how we spread our message and spread our roots.

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The Paddison Program

Clint's Scientific Guide for Rheumatologists – free download

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The Enzyme Factor, by Hiromi Shinya, MD

Rayu, from Street Fighter 2

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