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Video: Bacon, the Fountain of Youth?

Is bacon actually good for us? A recent study, much touted on bacon lovers' Facebook feeds and promoted by a variety of blogs and news websites, suggests that bacon can actually help us live longer.

In this video, I follow the trail of the story, starting with Facebook and ending up at the original study (sources below).

The journey will entertain, educate, and quite possibly shock you.

The Punch Line

A highly technical discussion of biochemical reactions in roundworms is corrupted by a gullible/lazy/corrupt media into headlines screaming that one of our most harmful food addictions is good for us.

Your Turn

Got other examples of this? Wondering about other “Too Good to Be True” health headlines? Post them in comments and let the debunking begin.


Abstract of original study:

Press release of study:

Hits the blogosphere:

Convinces those who are already convinced:

Hits the mainstream press:

Fools NPR station KCRW:

The authoritative source used by the KCRW journalist:

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