PYP 059: Dr Garth Davis on Weight Loss and True Health

garth-davisDr Garth Davis is medical director of Surgical Weight Loss at Memorial Harmon Memorial City Hospital in Houston, Texas.

After years of performing weight loss surgery, with himself overweight and faced with a medical recommendation to start taking cholesterol-lowering drugs, Garth woke up one day and asked the question, “Why are Americans so overweight and unhealthy?”

Which led him to a second question: “Where in the world are people slim and healthy?”

Which led him to a comprehensive study of nutrition, a complete overhaul of his personal lifestyle and diet, and a totally new way of working with his obese patients.

In this interview, we cover:

  • the only form of psychological intervention ever to show clinically positive results, and how Garth uses it with his patients
  • the unnaturalness of all low-carb diets, and their toll on our health
  • why sugar is not the cause of diabetes
  • the tyranny of “normal”
  • how the medical system is changing (slowly!) to encourage better health
  • the elephant in the health-care room that will eventually force the medical profession to recommend a plant-based diet
  • and much more…

Enjoy, let us know what you think, and please share!


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The Davis Weight Loss Clinic (Houston)

The EPIC Oxford Study

The Adventist Health Study

Recommended book: The Beck Diet Solution

Proteinaholic – the book that I helped Dr. Garth write!

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  1. Marc Slavin says:

    Great interview. You asked many good questions!

  2. Thank You says:

    Dr. Garth Davis, is very knowledgeable and has real world experience; a combination that is hard to beat. Helping so many people with his wisdom. We need more doctors like him.

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