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Self-Care: PYP 394

Some of us have had more time for self-care over the past few weeks than we even know what to do with. And we’re loving it. How can we take advantage of this time to make ourselves, our families, our communities, and our societies healthier and more compassionate? Read More

Homecoming: PYP 393

How we got home from South Africa. Returning tomorrow with a clear and rested head, for all new daily episodes. Read More

Corks in the Stream: PYP 392

We may be going home tomorrow. There are dozens of unknowns, and we have little to no control over any of them. I’ll stay in touch as I can! Read More

Weaving a Web of Generosity: PYP 391

In tough times, you might expect people to hunker down and hoard what’s theirs. We see some of that these days, for sure. But we also see incredible displays of generosity. I personally am benefiting from the generosity of my listeners as I broadcast from lockdown in South Africa. Today I talk about how generosity… Read More

Training Montage: PYP 390

People are comparing their experience of lockdown as an endless repetition of Goundhog Day, the 1993 Bill Murray movie about a man trapped in the same day over and over again. What I recall about that movie was, once Bill Murray’s character makes peace with his situation, he uses it to better himself. Piano. Ice… Read More

Sifting Through Conspiracies: PYP 389

In a world full of conspiracy theories, how can we know what to believe? We can’t. But we can choose to adopt worldviews based on whether they empower us to help ourselves, others, and the world. Read More

Decisions, Decisions: PYP 388

In these challenging times, we may think we have a lot of decisions to make. And we can agonize over those decisions and feel tremendous regret if they don’t work out the way we hoped they would. But it’s almost impossible to make rational decisions when the future is so unpredictable. Past experience doesn’t provide… Read More

The Silver Lining of Constraints: PYP 387

I’m very very constrained these days. And those same constraints also are providing opportunities for me to shake up my routines, innovate, and come out of this with a better, more integrated life. How can you benefit from the constraints that are currently imposed on you? Read More

The Gift of Boredom: PYP 386

Many of us are bored right now, in lockdown or sheltering in place. We can paper over our boredom with mindless consumption, or we can use it to begin a process of profound healing. Read More

Stress and Resilience in the Time of Pandemic with Glenn Murphy: PYP 385

Glenn Murphy returns to the podcast in the nick of time, to help understand, manage, and overcome stress reactions and symptoms in this time of fear, lockdown, and uncertainty. He shares an evolutionary perspective on why this pandemic produces stress responses unlike other typical stressors, and offers exercises, solutions, and mindsets to help us get… Read More