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How to Market Your Vegan Business the Right Way: Sandra Nomoto on PYP 549

How can vegans market their businesses to take advantage of affinities in the vegan community, without alienating everyone else? 
And should they even try? 

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The Making of “Meat Me Halfway”: Brian Kateman on PYP 476

Is veganism the only way to stop climate change, reduce animal suffering, and improve human health? Or can we get there through just eating less meat?

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The Role of Science in Public Discourse and Racial Justice: Dean and Ayesha Sherzai, MDs: PYP 414

Team Sherzai, aka Dean and Ayesha, join me on the podcast to talk about the role of science and scientists in dealing with all the false statements propagated on social media (as well as, occasionally, traditional media). What the Sherzais value highly about science is the holy grail of falsifiability; the challenge that every theory… Read More

Giving Farm Animals a Refuge with Lenore Braford: PYP 356

Lenore Braford talks about the hows and whys of rescuing abused and neglected farm animals. Given that billions of farm animals live and die in misery, is there a point in saving just a few? Listen as Lenore tells touching stories of rescue and resilience, and shows how these special animals act as ambassadors who… Read More

When Your Only Tool is a Sledgehammer

For some reason, the most popular TV channel at my gym is HGTV.

Maybe I’m still 8 years old inside, but I can’t think of anything more boring than watching other people fix up their houses. Give me cartoons. Give me golf. Give me bowling, for godsakes, but please don’t let me pound out mile after mile while watching young couples practically orgasm over their new open floor plan.

What is it with the open floor plan anyway?

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Combating BS with James “Lightning” Wilks: PYP 355

James Wilks is a producer, as well as narrator and chief instigator of The Game Changers, already the bestselling documentary of all time on iTunes. We talk about the 7-year odyssey of making the film, its effect on popular culture and our food choices, and his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast earlier this… Read More

Brian Wansink on Tricking Ourselves into Eating Better: PYP 288

Brian Wansink is hiding behind a tiny plate for a very good reason. He’s the researcher behind some of the most surprising findings in recent behavioral science, the most famous of these involving the interaction between plates and bowls and eating behavior. Read More

Marching Lifestyle Medicine into the Belly of the Beast with Ted Barnett, MD: PYP 280

Ted Barnett, MD, is also known as “Dr Veggie.” An interventional radiographer by day, Dr Veggie has been a plant-based advocate, educator, activist, and gadfly in Rochester, NY and nationally since the early 1990s. Ted got his first glimpse of the power of plants in 1991 when he stumbled upon Dean Ornish’s book about reversing… Read More

Harnessing the Entrepreneurial Spirit for a Plant-Based World with Matt Tullman: PYP 273

Matt Tullman wants 30% of the US population to go plant-based by the year 2030. And that’s not an idle wish – Matt is doing something (a lot of things, actually) about it.  Matt is a long-time policy wonk, entrepreneur, bio-hacker, and venture capital guy. And he brings all these talents and outlooks to bear… Read More

Three Words That Can Double Your Influence with Gregg Sparkman: PYP 268

A thought experiment: you walk into a restaurant wanting to encourage the patrons waiting on line to order – total strangers – to choose a plant-based option for lunch? And you can tell them one fact. What would it be, and how would you say it? Take your time; I’ll wait. [Jeopardy theme plays] Read More