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lani_muelrathLani Muelrath is one of the world's most accomplished wellness and fitness coaches. She combines cutting edge scientific research on fitness, diet, and mindset with an encyclopedic knowledge of behavorial science with a lifetime of experience helping people achieve health and happiness.

She's just written a new book, The Plant-Based Journey, to which T. Colin Campbell and I have the honor of contributing a foreword. (It comes out in September 15, so if you pre-order now, it will be like giving yourself a nice surprise in September when it arrives in your mailbox.)

In today's show, we talk about exercise, brain power, successful and unsuccessful change efforts, fighting wolves, walking shoes, and Louis CK. We  cover:

  • the most important – and most neglected – benefit of exercise
  • the link between movement and brain biochemistry
  • why it’s not entirely “all about the food”
  • the “micro-change” strategy
  • the number one predictor of success in changing anything
  • the problem with vague intentions
  • the role of emotions in changing lifestyle
  • how exercises reduces stress
  • the similarities between exercise and some addictive drugs
  • BDNF – the magic brain protein that builds new brain connections and facilitates learning
  • how schools fool us into thinking that learning happens only when we’re sitting and using words
  • the evolutionary basis for the brain benefits of exercise
  • the remarkable effects of “zero-period PE” on school kids’ reading comprehension
  • the links between movement and literacy
  • three ways exercise improves mood – whether you want to feel better or not
  • the missing link in habit formation: neuroplasticity
  • the positive uses of patterns from our past
  • how to sprinkle Miracle-Gro on the brain
  • how exercise changes our neural responses to healthy and unhealthy foods
  • the tiny changes that can begin the beneficial cascade of transformation
  • Lani’s four simple steps to big change
  • the two words that most threaten our efforts to change
  • “put your walking shoes by the front door” – an example of a micro-change
  • the problem with laughing at tiny changes
  • what Lani learned from surveying 1200 people for her new book
  • how to change disappointment into hope
  • why perfectionism is a hindrance to change, and how to embrace “perfect enough”
  • the difference between satiation and satiety
  • the problem with the “eat until 80% full” strategy
  • and much more…


Lani Muelrath debunking fitness myths on the Plant Yourself Podcast

Spark, by John J. Ratey, MD

Fit Quickies, by Lani Muelrath

The Power of Habit, by Martin Duhigg

Work the System, by Sam Carpenter

Sam Carpenter on the Plant Yourself Podcast

4 Seconds, by Peter Bregman

Peter Bregman on the Plant Yourself Podcast

The Willpower Instinct, by Kelly McGonigal

The Plant-Based Journey, by Lani Muelrath (available September 15, 2015 – preorder now and be happily surprised in September 🙂

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