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An Autobiography of Trauma and Healing: Peter Levine, PhD, on PYP 581

Peter Levine, creator of Somatic Experiencing, talks about his own life journey of severe trauma, healing, and discovery. His conclusion: “Given the right tools, trauma won’t rule.”

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Deepening Compassion and Connection with Ourselves: Veronica Monet on PYP 564

In order to heal our minds and spirits, we must contact – and welcome home – all the exiled parts of ourselves. Veronica Monet shares how IFS can help.

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Fitness as a Deeply Embodied Practice: Philip Shepherd on PYP 563

Can we find belonging, peace, and deep healing in the gym, of all places? Embodiment guide Philip Shepherd shows us how.

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Fasting vs Long COVID: Roger Talbott on PYP 558

What’s it like to suffer from Long COVID in one’s 70s? And can water fasting bring about healing?

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Can We Awaken Through Crisis? Steve Taylor on PYP 505

Can trauma and tragedy open us up to spiritual awakening? How can we prepare ourselves for the inevitable slings and arrows of life in a way that opens us to compassion and love?

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Healing Ourselves to Heal the Climate: Jack Adam Weber on PYP 466

Can we fix our broken climate with technological and policy solutions alone? Or do we need to heal deep personal and cultural wounds as well?

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The Science and Practice of Forgiveness: Nathaniel Wade, PhD, on PYP 449

Forgiveness sounds nice, and often feels like the hardest thing in the world. How can we learn to forgive others and ourselves without excusing terrible behavior?

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Healing from Racism with Bianca and Michael Alexander: PYP 419

I reached out to Bianca and Michael because I was turning into an asshole. Specifically, I was full of rage and outrage and judgment at all the racists out there.  And the fact that I was right, and on the side of right, and standing shoulder to shoulder with people of color, and fighting against… Read More

The Key to Human Resilience with Scott Carney: PYP 413

Most of my work as a health coach involves helping people respond differently to stimuli. That is, develop the ability to make different choices when confronted with tempting foods, tempting environments, tempting people, and tempting sensations, emotions, and thoughts. Think about it – NOT having that ability basically means you’re a robot, a machine. If… Read More

Exploring Digital Spirituality with Gregory Grieve: PYP 399

Meditation apps have become a huge market. Headspace, Calm, 10% Happier, Insight Timer, and others promise stress relief, better health, and even spiritual contentment to users. Gregory Price Grieve, professor of religion at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, studies the nexus of spirituality and digital media. He recently published an article with Beverly… Read More