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Instant Pot Tutorials

This video series is for people who’ve bought the Instant Pot, and haven’t taken it out of the box yet.

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A Powerful Way to Transform Your Thinking, Your Diet, and Your Plant-Based Advocacy

My talk for the Detroit-based Plant Based Nutrition Support Group is now available on Vimeo for your viewing pleasure. My segment starts at about 28 and a half minutes into the video. Enjoy!

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Trailer for PYP 153: Bob Cafaro on overcoming MS

I just recorded a wonderfully inspiring interview with professional cellist Bob Cafaro, who beat MS using, among other things, a plant-based diet. But there’s so much more to his story than broccoli and rice! We talked about Nolan Ryan, Bobby Fisher, Lance Armstrong, the US Army Survival Manual, Nando Parrado, finding free parking in Manhattan,…

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Triangle Be Well TV: 2015-12-14

Today I talked about the fundamental (and generally disregarded) principle of the Hippocratic Oath, “First, do no harm.” Plus, some thoughts on death, and how coming to terms with death as a reality that will visit each of us can help us live better, healthier, and in some cases longer lives. Plus, one of medicine’s dirty…

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Triangle Be Well TV: Informed Consent

On today’s show, the very first (!), I talk about the fundamental concept of Informed Consent, and how it’s almost never offered to patients in the healthcare system. And why. And how we can get the information we need to make informed decisions about options for treatment and our health destinies. Right-click to download the…

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Video: Bacon, the Fountain of Youth?

Is bacon actually good for us? A recent study, much touted on bacon lovers’ Facebook feeds and promoted by a variety of blogs and news websites, suggests that bacon can actually help us live longer. In this video, I follow the trail of the story, starting with Facebook and ending up at the original study (sources…

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