The Plant Yourself “Game Changers” Compendium

Game Changers posterThe Game Changers is a game changer for the public discussion of plant-based diets for health.

To celebrate its release, here's a handy reference guide to all the Plant Yourself episodes with folks featured in or connected to the documentary.

Marco Borges (co-executive producer)

Brendan Brazier (executive producer)

Suzi Amis Cameron (executive producer)

Caldwell Esselstyn, MD

Rip Esselstyn (featured, and executive producer)

Michael Greger, MD – first appearancesecond appearance (scientific advisor)

David Katz, MD

Damien Mander

Scott Stoll, MD

Gwyn Whittaker (executive producer) – episode coming soon

Kim Williams, MD


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  1. Harry Robinson says:

    First, thanks for putting these all in one place so that they are all easy to find. Second, this list just shows what an important part of the plant-based movement this podcast is, with so many of the ‘Game Changers’ folks having already been here! Thanks for all you do!

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