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Fit Family Strategies

Caring for Our Bodies as Temples of Spirit with Nalida Besson: PYP 201

Nalida Lacet Besson wasn’t so concerned about weighing 240 pounds or passing the occasional painful gallstone. What got her attention in the summer of 2013 was a physical malaise so complete and overwhelming, she believed she was dying. Everything hurt, including her skin. It was as if her body were saying, “I’ve had enough of… Read More

Dr Chad Teeters on Becoming an Infamous Cardiologist: PYP 188

Dr John “Chad” Teeters grew up eating a good old meat and potato diet in his home state of North Carolina. An active kid, he looked and felt healthy and fit; his diet started catching up with him only when combined with the rigors of college, medical school, and medical residency. For his entire adult… Read More

Becoming a Lean, Green Dad with Cory Warren: PYP 179

Cory Warren is a plant-based athlete from Orlando, Florida, and dad to three whole food, plant-based kids. After struggling through a medicine morass of misinformation and toxic treatment when his wife was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis (UC), they took matters into their own hands and started looking for alternatives. Read More

Pam Kropf on Becoming a Plant-Based Trail Momma: PYP 171

Pam Kropf is on an inspiring journey of wellness and self-actualization that lacks some of the drama our culture associates with growth and change. Read More

PYP 141: Antonia Demas on Overhauling Food Education

Antonia Demas, PhD, is founder and director of the Food Studies Institute, an organization that creates and promotes nutrition-based curricula for elementary schools. From the Food Studies Institute website: “Her curriculum, Food Is Elementary, has been used successfully in more than 3,000 schools in 33 states. She consults throughout the U.S. and abroad and trains… Read More

PYP 123: Dina Rose on Helping Parents End the Food Fights

Dina Rose, PhD, grew up in a household rife with dysfunctional lessons, attitudes, and behaviors related to food and eating. Her mother struggled with food and obesity, and ultimately died of obesity-related illness when Dina was 5 months pregnant with her daughter. Dina did not want to repeat history, so she dove into the question… Read More

PYP 110: Dreena Burton on Feeding the Plant Powered Family

Dreena Burton has taught an entire generation how to cook delicious, innovative, and down-home vegan meals. In her fifth cookbook, Plant Powered Families, she combines delicious, accessible, and kid-friendly to create one of the books you will never lend to anyone, ever.

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PYP 109: Amie Hamlin on Feeding Kids Right in 2015

I recently republished an August 2007 interview with Amie Hamlin, Executive Director of The New York Coalition for Healthy School Food. In that conversation, we covered: what school cafeterias and lunchrooms really look like the insane scheduling of school lunch times what cafeteria acoustics have to do with feeding kids well why the government is… Read More

Monstrous Marketing: Unbrainwashing Gatorade Athletes

Welcome to a new Plant Yourself feature: Monstrous Marketing. Marketing is a huge part of the reason most people are overweight and sick. So marketing has to become a huge part of the solution. In Monstrous Marketing, I’ll be sharing examples of misleading and manipulative marketing around diet and lifestyle, and suggest ways to neutralize…

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PYP 100: Rich Roll on the Transformative Power of Mindful Authenticity

Rich Roll, along with his wife Julie Piatt, has just released The PlantPower Way. Already #38 on the amazon bestseller list, the book is a wonderful introduction to a family-centered, plant-based lifestyle, and a font of recipes, advice, and philosophical guidance. Read More